Service center: inspection, maintenance and repairs  

RH Equipment is proud to announce that the service unit at your disposal. We also offer in-shop repair service. We put our team of experienced technicians at your service for all tasks in conjunction with the maintenance and repair of your air unit. It is strongly recommended to have your air unit inspected, serviced or repaired by our certified technicians annually. You can count on our 32 years of experience to offer you unparalleled service, meticulous work done by RH professionals!

Annual inspection program

For your safety and better performance, a general (annual) inspection of more than 100 points will be done as suggested in your manuals by our technicians, covering a multitude of facets of our equipment such as:

+ Checking the security system
+ Verification of the proper functioning of the electrical components
+ Verification of welds
+ Structural verification and bolts
+ Hydraulic check
+ Electrical system check
+ and more…

Annual maintenance schedule

Following this annual inspection, our technicians will perform maintenance and adjustments, ensuring that your equipment performs to its full performance and minimizing the risk of wear.

+ Complete lubrication
+ Oil filter replacement (annual)
+ Oil change
+ Change cables and pulleys if necessary
+ Replacement of sliding blocks
+ Cleaning of the electric motor, terminal and connectors
+ Basic check of the auxiliary battery(ies) (if present)

Other maintenance services

+ Dielectric test
+ Replacing the rollers
+ Carrier chain replacement
+ Stability test
+ Radio control programming
+ Basket Replacement
+ Safety inspection
+ Maintenance Package
+ And more…

An annual visit is strongly suggested to give your unit every chance. Guarantee a maximum lifespan of 30 years for your unit.

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