Accessories and



RH Equipment offers an optional basket offering more resistance and better versatility. Widely used in the sign industry.

Platform and RAILS

Developped for airplane servicing RH Platform with security railings could be installed on STD aerial Ladders


RH Reversible multipurpose sign supports serve several types of users.


Jib bucket design for application to assist user supporting and lifting 80lbs material (max capacity combined to bucket maximum load)


RH rugged aluminum Tool box can be easily hooked to the bucket on all sides and front. Pre-cut tooling holes and carry handle


Different configuration of light and arrow sign holder available. (SLIDING OPTION SHOWN)

Battery TRAY

Many Telecommunication companies need a battery tray to support operator in its functions

Bucket COVER

An optional rugged cover helps prevent water, snow and debris.  For storage and driving.

Flippable WALKWAY

A folding walkway allowing you to walk on the bars on a flat surface

Windshield VISOR

A Nissan front windshield visor protector available to help prevent from falling debris when working with the aerial ladder. 

Cone SUPPORT (lock)

Cone support with locking device, also available for other model, Nissan NV 3500 Shown 

Ford Transit / Mercedes Sprinter Bumber HITCH

A Class 4 hitch and bumper extensions  with additional work platform and a better access to the rear cargo space (follow your vehicule manufacturer spec for tow)

Isolated bucket TENT

An insulated frame pole and resistant tent available for any aerial work adapted to RH Standard ergonomic  fiber buckets.  Many models are available.

Ground -30° ACCESS

A ground access is available on different model or configuration (note that working height are reduced when this option is installed) see video

Goose NECKopt.

Gooseneck option can be added to a STD RH aerial ladder when needed.

Bucket with DOOR

Bucket with a side door allowing entry from the ground.

  • rack-echelle-vide.jpg
  • rack-echelle-plein.jpg

Side mounted LADDER HOLDER

Ladder support that can be attached to the side of the service vehicle. There are three models available.


Non-conductive bucket heating module. The end cap allows the extension to be connected for the comfort of the worker at the bucket.


Module installed on the ladder to control its maximum height.