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Truck Engine not running. Power devices Completely independant aerial bucket units

  Meeting today's regulations FMVSS  
  Nissan NV3500 bucket  
Nissan NV3500
Mounted on a Nissan NV3500 (van type) offer's multiple possibilities.
-Electic group: Inverter, smart charger, 110 or 120 outlet to the bucket, auxiliary batteries

- Maximised interior for cargo without pedestal

- Engineered for maximum strenght and lightweight
with aerospace industry aluminum and highest tensile steels.

-NO outriggers needed

-No PTO Required, Unit are completely independant and non need to run truck engine
  -Nominal height:
-bucket Capacity:
-Payload available
-38' working height
-Lighweight unit
-Rugged design and stability maximisation

-Class 5 driving

-Meet FMVSS/cmvss specs, inlcuding FMVSS 105 and 126


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Robert Hydraulique is the leading manufacturer of insulated and non-insulated telescopic aerial ladders.

With more than 15 ladder models available, we offer various installation configurations, as well as retrofit capacity ensuring compatibility between our latest options and the first RH aerial ladders to have come out on the market.

Our products stand for innovation, quality, reliability, safety, and efficiency.

RH telescoping aerial ladders are used in a wide range of sectors including telecommunications, cable television, electrical contracting, sign installation and repair, public works, as well as building and ski resort maintenance, to name just a few.



Some of the advantages of RH hydraulic ladders

Adapted to more lightweight carrier vehicles
The design and materials used in manufacturing RH hydraulic ladders enables them to be installed on vehicles with a GVWR as low as 9,500 lbs (4,310 kg).

One of the major safety advantages is that in contrast to a boom truck, a telescopic ladder lets you access or come down from the bucket as needed. In addition, our insulated models protect the vehicle and ground personnel should the aerial ladder accidentally contact electrical wires.
RH aerial ladders are so reliable that we consider them to have a service life of 30 years. We offer a 5-year warranty on the structure of our aerial ladder equipment, and a 1-year warranty on parts and labour.

Storage space
Our customized installations do not require a pedestal and thus take up less storage space. Weight is also reduced significantly, giving you greater load-carrying capability.

Increased horizontal reach
The design of our telescoping ladders gives them greater horizontal reach than conventional models and provides our aerial buckets with the best stability on the market. Robert Hydraulique equipment offers you better access to difficult-to-reach and off-road locations!

Electrical autonomy
Our aerial ladders are equipped with power-generating units that provide sufficient autonomy for your projects. As a result, the truck engine does not have to be running to operate the ladder, which reduces fuel costs and exhaust emissions into the environment.

Automatic bucket levelling
An automatic levelling system is engaged whenever you raise or lower your RH ladders.

Numerous options
Continuous rotation, ground access, folding walkway, a tool box in the bucket, hydraulic and/or electrical outlets in the bucket, work lamps, and a centralizer on the saddle are just some of the many options available on Robert Hydraulique aerial ladders and related equipment.