About us

Founded in 1991, Robert Hydraulique Inc. has over the years developed a line of innovative hydraulic aerial ladders with working heights from 35 to 50 feet.

Robert Hydraulique (RH) is a manufacturer of insulated and non-insulated hydraulic aerial ladders. Innovation, reliability and effectiveness characterize its line of specialized equipment and form the basis for RH’s outstanding and ever-expanding reputation in the industries it serves. 

Robert Hydraulique’s mission is to “develop market-specific products and create high-tech concepts that meet its clients’ most demanding requirements.” Emerging from these objectives are versatile, long-lasting hydraulic aerial ladders that can operate in a wide range of application areas. And it’s these products and capabilities that form the basis for the growing success of RH equipment.

Our hydraulic ladders are used in the following sectors: government projects, telecommunications, cable television, public works, electrical contracting, sign design and installation, tree trimming, and building and ski resort maintenance.


Robert Desrosiers founded Robert Hydraulique in October 1991 with the objective of offering repair and maintenance services for hydraulic components and aerial ladder and bucket systems of all kinds. At the beginning, the company had only 3 employees and operated out of a shop facility on rue Charles-Marchand in Le Gardeur, Quebec. Those were the conditions when Robert Hydraulique carried out its first major contract, reconditioning several aerial ladder units for a large-scale telecommunications company. In just two years, rapid growth compelled Robert Hydraulique to move to a new location and increase its staff to about 20 employees. 

First prototype of a dielectric ladder in a semi-vacant plant in 1997.

Around this time, Desrosiers conceived of the idea of creating a hydraulic aerial ladder that would revolutionize the market. After selling its maintenance operation and expertise to Rentway (now operating under the name of Penske) in 1998, Robert Hydraulique tapped into five years of research and development to open a production plant and officially establish itself as a manufacturer of  hydraulic aerial ladders. 

Success was almost instantaneous, with users quick to recognize the added value inherent in RH aerial ladders. The quality, strength, safety and many other advantages of these hydraulic ladders were clearly evident to bucket truck operators. Initially, RH telescoping ladders came in eight models (3 insulated and 5 non-insulated), with working heights ranging from 35 to 50 feet.

A temple engulfed in flames in downtown Seoul is an opportunity to put an RH ladder into action (right side of photo).

In 2005, Robert Hydraulique obtained its first South Korean order for a new type of four-section ladder to be manufactured for a company based in Seoul. Contracts followed for numerous other components to outfit ladder  trucks. Since then, more than 50 fire trucks in South Korea have been equipped with RH telescoping ladders.

Also in 2005, Robert Desrosiers took a more active role in AMETVS (Specialty Vehicles and Transportation Equipment Manufacturers’ Association) and became the secretary of its Board of Directors. Within a year, he was promoted to Vice-Chair, and two years later he was elected Chair of the Board. 

In 2006, Carl Desrosiers joined Robert Hydraulique after having spent six years as a project manager for Expertech, a telephone network installer owned by BCE. Having grown up in the world of aerial ladder devices, he has the background and expertie to provide continuity in Robert Hydraulique’s management for decades to come.    

In 2008-2009, Robert Hydraulique took on numerous new projects, including the development and production of ladders adapted for ski resorts, insulated platforms and trailers, cable-television-specific equipment (RH44T) and in particular, the first ladder comprising only two sections (RHL37).

Robert Desrosiers training bucket truck operators on the occasion of the first delivery to Cameroon in June 2009.

In early 2009, Robert Hydraulique signed its first business deal in Africa with the sale of insulated telescoping ladders to an electrical company in Cameroon. The quality, strength, and dielectric properties of the buckets were key points in the company’s procurement decisions. This is just one example of RH ladders being deployed and successfully operated in challenging conditions and environments.   

In 2010 and after a long period of strategic negotiations, RH aerial equipment established a foothold in Indonesia, which has the potential to be a very promising market for Robert Hydraulique.      

In the same year, Robert Desrosiers was appointed Chair of another Board of Directors, this time at the Bibeau Group, a well-established North American manufacturer of dump truck bodies. 

2012 is the year of major advancements in Indonesia.  After multiple visits by Carl Desrosiers and Robert Desrosiers in South-East Asia, RH Ladder as establish an office base in Jakarta, built up a partnership with Adicitra who will assembly the RH bucket truck in their facilities in Surabaya, built and get the approval of a demo bucket truck by the employees of the national electricity company. And finally get the first significant order by the end of 2012 after three years of hard work with numbers of ours international relations.

Press conference &t deal signature between RH and PLN.  
Right : first RH bucket truck unit assembly by Surabaya’s workers.


From the start, Robert Hydraulique has been at the cutting edge in the field of bucket-equipped telescoping ladders, introducing improvements and innovations year after year. RH aerial ladder trucks can be found operating throughout North America, in Asia, and in Africa. And with its solid reputation and outstanding expertise, RH’s prospects in other markets look virtually limitless.

At RH, the future is bright!